[SURBL-Discuss] Why you should check Phish IPs first :/

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Sat Aug 6 06:14:54 CEST 2005

>In today's spamtrap take, I got a phish targeting eBay that 
>contained a link to the following IP:
>The link was inside a JavaScript and looked, at first and second
>glance, like a link to a phish site.  As a habit, I do an rDNS
>on all IPs, however, before listing them.  That's fortunate, in
>this case -- that IP resolves as hp-core.ebay.com.  Yes, a genuine
>eBay IP pointing to a genuine eBay server, one that has nothing
>to do with the phish, of course.
>The actual phish link in this spam was:
>It appeared well down the spam, after not one, but two, decoy
>links to the eBay IP above. 
>By the way, I'm not listing doje.de as a Phish Domain either.  
>It's a Chinese language web site (yes, at a German national
>domain, probably something for expatriates), and the format 
>of the URL suggests that the phisher exploited an insecure
>web BBS package.  This is one where blocking on the URL is
>the appropriate approach.  <sigh>
>Posted because I'm seeing quite a few phishes with this sort
>of decoy information/links lately. :/  Phishers are clearly
>trying to poison the blocklisting process.  We have to be
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	I think it is Korean, not Chinese.

	Paul Shupak
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