[SURBL-Discuss] Re: [Uribl-discuss] Lookup of (phishing) URLs with an IP

Dirk Bonengel dirk at bonengel.de
Fri Aug 12 19:11:06 CEST 2005

Sorry, forget about the last point - overlooked the 'reverse IP 
addresses' option (as Dallas E pointed out correctly)

> Hi,
> sorry for crossposting, but I think this concerns both SURBL and URIBL.
> Given: A (phishing-)mail containg a  link to the IP
> The lookup page on rulesemporium.com says it's listed on ws and ph in 
> However, I find that the current SpamAssassin (3.0.4) does not appear 
> to lookup IP-based URLs. Is that correct?
> Secondly, which form would be correct to lookup that IP via dig (or 
> whatever), and how should SA handle it if it tried to lookup IP-based 
> URIs?
> dig gives no results back, but the 
> reversed dotted decimal form does:
> dig returns
> Lastly: The URIBL-Lookup page says that the IP is 
> neither listed on SURBL nor URIBL but claims that is 
> listed both in SURBL (ws and ph) and URIBL (black). I take that to be 
> simply wrong.
> Dirk
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