[SURBL-Discuss] cheetahmail / rhsbl.ahbl.org

wolfgang mewolf1 at gmx.net
Wed Aug 31 02:11:23 CEST 2005


when experimenting with rhsbl.ahbl.org sender blacklists on MTA level, I 
 reject_warning: RCPT from mta121.cheetahmail.com[]: 571 Service 
unavailable; Sender address 
[bo-byytbuda6faq70bcxwgsmb73r6zqxc at b.apc.chtah.com] blocked using 
rhsbl.ahbl.org; Domain used in spam.  Access is not allowed.;

To me, the email seemed to be a valid product hotfix notification from 
http://www.apc.com to registered recipients.

What are your experiences with or views about cheetah.com? They appear to be 
mass mailers, but also engaged in anti-spam measures / sender verification 
acitivities, and what are your experiences with rhsbl.ahbl.org?

I would like to make up my mind
- whether to whitelist cheetah.com mailservers from being blocked on MTA level 
in order to avoid FPs when using ahbl
- whether to use rhsbl.ahbl.org to reject mails at the MTA level.



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