[SURBL-Discuss] cheetahmail / rhsbl.ahbl.org

Catherine Hampton ariel at spambouncer.org
Wed Aug 31 05:28:23 CEST 2005

> I would like to make up my mind
> - whether to whitelist cheetah.com mailservers from being blocked 
>   on MTA level in order to avoid FPs when using ahbl
> - whether to use rhsbl.ahbl.org to reject mails at the MTA level.

As ESPs go, CheetahMail is better than many.  I'd say they're not
whitehat, but light grey.  I certainly would expect that email
from them is usually not spam.

The AHBL lists are aggressive. If a bulk email sender isn't completely 
COI, that sender is likely to get listed by them.  I use the AHBL
on my local systems as part of SpamBouncer scoring, but I'd never
reject email at the MTA level based on an AHBL blocklist hit.  There
is just too great a chance of a false positive.

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