[SURBL-Discuss] Re: cheetahmail / rhsbl.ahbl.org

wolfgang mewolf1 at gmx.net
Wed Aug 31 23:42:39 CEST 2005


first i want to thank all of you who replied - on and off list. Your input is 
highly appreciated and has helped me making my decision to not use ahbl.org 
at MTA level (i have been using it in local SA rules with low score and in 
meta-rules already, just like spews).

In an older episode (Wednesday, 31. August 2005 02:27), Raymond Dijkxhoorn 

> You also ment to post this on the ahbl list right? :) Please limit the 
> postings somehow to surbl.

Raymond: nope, not another mailing list besides SA, surbl, uribl, postfix and 
a few more. I have found this list a pool of highly knowledgeable anti-spam 
activists, and I wanted exactly the kind of knowledgeable feedback and 
background information out of this pool that y'all have given me here on that 
subject. And I still think the subject is close enuf to surbl not to be 
totally off topic here.

In an older episode (Wednesday, 31. August 2005 03:32), Jeff Chan wrote:

> Wolfgang,
> An obvious question is:  are you seeing cheetah.com in spams or
> hams?

Nope. Cheetah.com simply was a typo. All my questions were related to 
cheetahmail.com and ahbl.org.

cheers and thanks again,


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