[SURBL-Announce] ANNOUNCE: lists.surbl.org added MXer: vmx03.prolocation.net

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Sun Jul 18 14:51:20 CEST 2004

We've added another round robin primary MXer for lists.surbl.org,
where the SURBL mailing lists are coming from:


In case anyone is somehow authenticating sending servers, you may
need to add this new server to any mail server whitelists, etc.

The prolocation addresses and servers are generally not on RBLs,
but it has been mentioned that some of their IPs may be listed
in SPEWs (which is being checked and corrected if so).

We mention this mainly because some people have gotten bounce
(delivery failure) notifications from our Mailman (mailing list
manager program) lately, and had their mail automatically
disabled.  To re-enable it, follow the instructions in the
notification or visit the lists web site:


This could also perhaps have been caused an intermittent problem
while the new MXer was propagating in the DNS.

lists.surbl.org preference = 10, mail exchanger = vmx01.prolocation.net
lists.surbl.org preference = 10, mail exchanger = vmx02.prolocation.net
lists.surbl.org preference = 10, mail exchanger = vmx03.prolocation.net
lists.surbl.org preference = 100, mail exchanger = mx03.prolocation.net
lists.surbl.org preference = 200, mail exchanger = mx01.prolocation.net
lists.surbl.org preference = 300, mail exchanger = mx02.prolocation.net
lists.surbl.org preference = 500, mail exchanger = mx04.prolocation.net

vmx01.prolocation.net   internet address =
vmx02.prolocation.net   internet address =
vmx03.prolocation.net   internet address =
mx03.prolocation.net    internet address =


Jeff C.
Jeff Chan
mailto:jeffc at surbl.org

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