[SURBL-Announce] ANNOUNCE: be.surbl.org deprecated, please use ws.surbl.org instead

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Wed Jun 30 04:31:48 CEST 2004

As part of an ongoing effort to consolidate spam message body
URIs that were in sa-blacklist and BigEvil and MidEvil
SpamAssassin rulesets, we have frozen be.surbl.org and
merged its records into ws.surbl.org.  Eventually the
contents of be.surbl.org (and the list itself) may go away,
so we ask that anyone using:


switch to:



ws.surbl.org, in addition to getting the old be.surbl.org
data and Bill Stearns' locally found data is also receiving spam
URI domains from Chris Santerre and others.   ws.surbl.org is
becoming a collection point for those anti-spam efforts.

For those who wish to continue using SpamAssassin ruleset
versions, Chris Santerre and the SARE Ninjas will let us know
about future versions of BigEvil.cf and a successor wildcarded
ruleset for use with SpamAssassin.  (Chris, when you announce,
please be sure to mention the relationships between the SURBL and
ruleset versions of things so folks don't end up using both
versions of the same data.) 

For those looking for more efficient use of the sa-blacklist
and old BigEvil and MidEvil rulesets, the SURBL version of most
of their domains:


may be a good solution.  Using this data as SURBLs greatly
reduces the server memory footprint over the ruleset versions,
for example.  That can make the data more practical to use on
smaller computers, or generally make more efficient use of
system resources on larger, busier servers.  Using DNS for
distributing the data, however, SURBLs do require network
access.  For a relatively few situations, this may be an

More information about SURBLs can be found at:


Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments about
SURBLs on our discussion list at:


Please let us know about any false positives at:

  whitelist at surbl dot org

Jeff C.
Jeff Chan
mailto:jeffc at surbl.org

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