[SURBL-Announce] End of file comment added to SURBL zone files

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Sun Jul 27 17:25:18 CEST 2008

A terminating comment has been added to all SURBL zone files.  It has the form:

; End of file: $timestamp

where $timestamp is Unix epoch seconds and matches the zone file
serial number.  This can be used to automatically detect truncated
files.  If the terminating comment is not present, the
file is truncated.


0. This would only affect those using rsynced zone files, and for them
it should have generally no impact as long as comments are correctly
detected.  The semicolon comment character is standard for BIND and
rbldnsd, but may not be for other applications.  This change would not
affect users of DNS queries via the SURBL public nameservers in any

1. The syntax is minorly different from some other blacklist zonefiles
with similar comments in that there is a space between the comment
character and the text.

2. The only zone that should be used in any production applications is
multi.surbl.org.  The others are obsolete since they're all included
in multi, and they may go away eventually.

3.  SURBL still needs help with public DNS.  Please see:
http://www.surbl.org/public-dns.html and contact us at rsync at our
domain if you can help.

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