[SURBL-Announce] RFC: Discontinuing rsync service of individual list zone files

SURBL Announcement list [READONLY] announce at lists.surbl.org
Mon Dec 21 13:45:11 CET 2009

On 10/19/09, Jeff Chan <jeffc at surbl.org> wrote:
> In March 2009 we stopped delegating public DNS service of individual
>  list zones such as sc.surbl.org, ws.surbl.org, etc., since they are
>  obsolete and all their data are included in multi.surbl.org.  We would
>  also like to stop rsync service for these files, again since their
>  content is included in multi.surbl.org, which is the only zone anyone
>  should be using.  If anyone has feedback about this proposed change,
>  then please contact us by email at rsync at our domain.

There was no feedback on the above request for comments.  Therefore,
zone files other than xs and multi have been removed from the rsync
servers.  Everyone should please use multi.

There were a few systems still trying to rsync *.rbldnsd, etc.  Please
check your rsync clients and make sure they are rsyncing and using
multi only, and not the individual zone files.

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