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Sun Apr 11 10:23:50 CEST 2004

Good morning, all,

On Sun, 11 Apr 2004, Jeff Chan wrote:

> On Sunday, April 11, 2004, 12:59:57 AM, Jeff Chan wrote:
> > On Sunday, April 11, 2004, 12:29:43 AM, Daniel Quinlan wrote:
> >> I have a concern about the rule.  Bill Stern's SpamAssassin blacklist is
> >> a blacklist *for* SpamAssassin, so I think the naming of your rule and
> >> the DNSBL name ( are unintentionally a bit misleading since
> >> the list is not maintained by the ASF or SpamAssassin.  I think it would
> >> be a good idea to rename the DNSBL and the rule to make this clearer.
> >> Maybe we should encourage (or help) Bill Stern to pick a snappy name.
> >> :-)
> > Fair enough.  I picked out of thin air since his rule
> > started with "sa" and to give oblique credit to the original
> > motivation for his rule, if not the precise source.

	I picked sa-blacklist to give homage to the spamassassin 
developers too.  Oh well.

> > Bill, anyone, got some better names?  I prefer two letters.
> > (sa and sc were kind of confusing anyway.)   "sb" for
> > Sa-Blacklist anyone?  LOL!  ;-)

	The abbreviation isn't important.  If Daniel wants if changed,
then "ws" is fine with me.  "sb" still sounds like a spamassassin 
blacklist - and I fear that's not far enough away from spamassassin.
	- Bill

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