Blacklist was [SURBL-Discuss] Howdy

Doc Schneider maddoc at
Sun Apr 11 10:45:09 CEST 2004

William Stearns wrote:

> 	The approach made sense to me as well.  
> is the report
> created from the A record harvesting.
> 	I'd be glad to provide the raw data collected over the past 5 
> months.  I also have SOA and whois data for the entire sa-blacklist.


I'd be interested in seeing this. I've got a stupid spammer who has like
a million domains, all resolving to one NS and of course there is no 
mailserver running there. Actually now looks like he has 2 IPs for MX and the bastard is driving me nuts!

I have a script I run that attempts to discard his domain mail, but 
doesn't really work that great and I never have a lot of time to tweak 
it. Be that as it may, he is one of the big reasons I am now working 
with you all on SURBL.

Funny thing is that he is just hitting a highly moderated list and 
nothing is happening to his mail but getting filtered to the bit bucket.

I still need to install the plugin for the SURBL into spamassassin. I'll 
try to get it done maybe today. I work graveyards so I do sleep during 
the day.



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