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A New Type Of Realtime Blocklist: The SURBL

Posted by timothy on Monday April 12, @05:02PM
from the chicken-egg-spam dept.

Glamdrlng writes "The SURBL, or "Spam URI Realtime Blocklist",
represents a nexus of RBL's and content filtering that may bring
us one step closer to a spam magic bullet. While traditional
RBL's perform a DNS lookup on the connecting mail server, SURBL's
take this a step further by parsing the text of the email looking
for URI's and doing a lookup on those web servers. They also
prevent "joe jobs" by maintaining a whitelist of legitimate web
servers whose domain names may show up in spam messages, e.g.
EBay, Paypal, Microsoft, etc. The only requirement to implement
the SURBL is a plugin on your MTA such as spamassassin that can
parse the body of each email. While there is no MTA that directly
supports SURBL's without a plugin, the author hints at one being
in development."


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