[SURBL-Discuss] multiple domains in spam body

Scott Truman Scott at ncs.co.nz
Wed Apr 14 11:45:10 CEST 2004

Good point.
There could be a setting for the max number of SURBL callouts.
If they did decide to place a large number of 'legit' URLs, they would
probably have to hide them using an invisible font, obsufication or some
such, so the spamee could only click on the intended URL.
However, with many hidden URLs, this would give spam detection engines
(SpamAssassin) more spam material to act on, and additional rules could
be added to the detection set. Bayesian analysis itself would more than
likely pick this up with minimal training.


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I dont know if I have missed any discussion on this topic -
but suppose the SPAMMER just loads up the body with random domains -
that means lots of surbl calls.  It seems too easy for spammers to foil
this technique.


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