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John Fawcett johnml at michaweb.net
Sat Apr 17 02:59:23 CEST 2004

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From: "Jeff Chan"
> On Friday, April 16, 2004, 1:16:58 PM, Chris Santerre wrote:
> > Can someone contact openrbl.org and get them to add SURBL to the query?
> Additional info from http://www.openrbl.org/feedback :
> > The website openrbl.org:
> > 
> >     * is NOT a blocklist or DNSBL
> >     * does NOT list domains, only ip-addresses
> >     * does NOT block mail or anything else
> >     * does NOT remove or retest anything
> >     * does NOT secure your mailserver
> >     * is NOT operated at the addresses published via DNS
> >       those are only dumb proxies to protect against DDOS 
> Domains are what we mostly have, so if they're not listing
> domains, then being on openrbl.org may not be too useful.

If you type a hostname into the form at www.openrbl.org 
it gets mapped to the corresponding ip and then the results
are returned for the ip (which is no good for surbl).

The following site contains a long list of dnsbl's including a section on
domain based lists (RHSBL Lists)

It might be worthwhile getting surbl added, providing it's made clear 
in the notes that it is intended to be queried for body checks not
header checks.

> However, does anyone think that using proxies to the real SURBL
> name servers might be useful to us....  (or know how to set that
> up?)
Spamhaus has probably got one of the best infrastructures to
protect against DDOS. Anyone have any contacts? I remember 
reading that they're under continual DDOS but they never feel it.
Also SORBS is another list that has held out against DDOS, IIRC.


> Jeff C.

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