[SURBL-Discuss] Mail-SpamAssassin-SpamCopURI-0.10 Errors

Doc Schneider maddoc at maddoc.net
Sat Apr 17 06:07:42 CEST 2004

>>>Do you have the latest version Net::DNS installed ? 
>>YEAH it worked!!!
>>Also had to install Digest::HMAC_MD5
>>And that cured the problem!
>>Now to start installing this on all my mail servers!
>>Thanks a bunch Raymond.
> Would be nice to add a check on the SpamCopURI to check if a Net::DNS 
> minumum version is installed.

Yes that would be the best solution. It really needs to check for 
modules it requires.

On that note the plug in is working GREAT!!! Has now been catching even 
more spam then ever!

And it is now running on all my mailservers... now to install it on the 
ones I remotely admin.


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