[SURBL-Discuss] [long] summary of currently unparsed url types

John Fawcett johnml at michaweb.net
Mon Apr 19 02:43:54 CEST 2004

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From: "Simon Byrnand"
> Just wondering whether its a good idea putting so many highly specific
> workarounds in for current redirection techniques and sites ? Wouldn't it
> be better to try and handle most cases more generically ? Otherwise we're
> forever playing catchup with the spammers...

You're absolutely right. I am hoping that the seasoned SA and
perl developers will come up with suitable code revisions
for version 3 of Mail::SpamAssassin.

One suggestion (see http://bugzilla.spamassassin.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3261)
was to use a configuration file parameter for redirection
services, which looks promising in terms of future flexibility.

For the future revisions to the url parsing code, it's important to take
into account our current knowledge of urls which are failing to be
parsed. This is my main reason for summarizing them. I would be
arrogant (not having ever written a line of perl before 2 days ago)
to believe that the workarounds are real solutions.

The more pressing task at the moment is to actually
verify that the examples I collected as failing in version 2.63
really do not work with version 3, and then to open
bug reports/RFEs so that they can be officially logged as
open sa issues. At the moment only case 1 is open.
Is anyone in a position to do this?

Also, it will be interesting to continue monitoring the
characteristics of urls that are going undetected by
sa and feed them back to the sa developer list.


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