[SURBL-Discuss] RFC: SURBL software implemetation guidelines

Eric Kolve ekolve at comcast.net
Sun Apr 18 20:53:46 CEST 2004

On Mon, Apr 19, 2004 at 01:08:11PM +1200, Simon Byrnand wrote:
> At 12:43 19/04/2004, Jeff Chan wrote:
> >>    1. Extract URIs from message bodies. (Extraction of URIs
> >> from message bodies should ideally include full resolution of
> >> redirections into the final target domain name. This can be a
> >> non-trivial problem.)
> Indeed :)
> >>    2. Extract base (registrar) domains from those URIs. This
> >> includes removing any and all leading host names, subdomains,
> >> www., randomized subdomains, etc. In order to determine the
> >> base domain it may be necessary to use a table of country code
> >> TLDs (ccTLDs) such as the partially-imcomplete one SURBL uses.
> Ok, now this one worries me a little bit - how well is this handled 
> currently in SpamCopURI and SA 3.0 ? Because while I was looking through 
> the SpamCopURI source code, I saw a comment that said:
>   #   # take foo.bar.yahoo.com to yahoo.com
>   #   # this kind of breaks for co.uk and
>   #   # we could get false domain level matches
> Here in New Zealand our domain heirachy is 3rd level the same as .uk - the 
> country code is .nz and the second level is one of only a few specifically 
> allowed by the registrar - co,net,gen,school,govt and a few others... 
> (can't remember them all off hand, but theres less than 10)
> It's the third level which is delegated to individual organisations. For 
> example our email domain is igrin.co.nz.
> If a spammer were to register a domain in NZ it would look like:
> spammer.co.nz or spammer.net.nz or spammer.gen.nz etc.... randomised 
> subdomains that they could create on their own nameservers would look like 
> a65423xyz.spammer.co.nz or awef3242.fssf342.spammer.co.nz etc...
> Will the current code (of both SpamCopURI, and the backend processing of 
> the surbl servers for that matter) incorrectly strip this off to co.nz ? I 
> ask, because I have definately seen dns queries from SpamCopURI trying to 
> look up co.nz.sc.surbl.org which is wrong - that would cover a large 
> fraction of the websites under the NZ domain heirachy, it should be looking 
> up spammer.co.nz, never co.nz.

Currently SpamCopURI checks both the 2nd and 3rd level domain regardless
of the TLD.  I believe SA 3.0 does a little better job of this.

Worst case scenario is two queries instead of one.


> Is there any reliable way for the code to know what a base registrar domain 
> is and how many tiers there are under that domain heirachy ? (May also be a 
> non-trivial problem)
> Regards,
> Simon
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