[SURBL-Discuss] Re: Bill Stearns' sa-blacklist available as SURBL: ws.surbl.org

David B Funk dbfunk at engineering.uiowa.edu
Tue Apr 20 22:33:29 CEST 2004

On Tue, 20 Apr 2004, William Stearns wrote:

> > 3) We also secondary MAPS RBL+ zone, that's a 54Mbyte zone that updates
> >    every 3 hours. (IE 18Mbyte/hour). A 1Mbyte x 10 minutes would be
> >    only 6Mbytes/hour, chicken feed. ;)
> 	It all comes down to the bandwidth available Jeff at the primary.

However if you structure your secondaries in a 'calling tree' format,
(IE Jeff feeds 2 secondaries, those 2 feed 4 more, etc), then his
bandwidth requirements are minimized.

In the secondary named.conf, you list a superior secondary first
in the 'masters' record (as well as other alternate sources).
Then it will try the various alteratives in the order listed.
This reduces Jeff's bandwidth demands and makes the system more
robust (alternative paths) at the cost of a bit more complexity
and slight delay in update propogation.

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