[SURBL-Discuss] Re: ANNOUNCE: Mail::SpamAsssassin::SpamCopURI 0.11

Eric Kolve ekolve at comcast.net
Wed Apr 21 21:20:40 CEST 2004

On Thu, Apr 22, 2004 at 02:55:33PM +1200, Simon Byrnand wrote:
> At 14:39 22/04/2004, Eric Kolve wrote:
> >I can add something that will cache on a per test basis the results
> >from the queries so the above scenario should be knocked down
> >to just 3 queries instead of 120.  I have been a little hesitant to
> >cache misses since I could see where a miss could become a hit later on,
> >but since I would only be caching per test this shouldn't be an issue.
> You mean 6 queries ? Assuming you still test both 2nd level and 3rd level 
> possibilities seperately, as now.

I have pulled the ccTLD code from URIRBL to extract the 'registrar domain'
so we would only do one query per host instead of two (2nd and 3rd level).

This should work fine since Jeff is doing the same thing on his side and
will cut queries down quite a bit.


> And as far as caching goes, it shouldn't be a problem, because you just 
> want to avoid doing a whole string of identical dns lookups - only cache 
> identical lookups, and the caching should only last for one run of SA 
> processing one message...(We assume that no new blacklist records appear in 
> the middle of processing a specific message, or that if they do we don't 
> care ;-)

> Regards,
> Simon

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