[SURBL-Discuss] RE: [RulesEmporium] Rbldns and wildcards

Dallas L. Engelken dallase at nmgi.com
Fri Apr 23 21:06:47 CEST 2004

> Indeed, I just realized an embarrassing screw-up on my part.
> There are two different programs with similar names and 
> slightly different properties,including zone file differences:
>   rbldns
>   rbldnsd
> We are using rbldnsd zone files.   I need to update the web site
> to reflect this and post an announcement.

As am I.. I guess I didn't realize there was a rbldns either...  In rbldnsd, you can wildcard domains...

# man rbldnsd

 dnset  Set of (possible wildcarded) domain names with associated A  and
              TXT  values.   Similar  to  ip4set, but instead of IP addresses,
              data consists of domain names (not in reverse form).  One domain
              name  per  line,  possible  starting  with wildcard (either with
              starâdot (*.) or just a dot).  Entry starting  with  exclamation
              sign  is  exclusion.  Default value for all subsequent lines may
              be specified by a line starting with a colon.

              Wildcards are interpreted as follows:

                     only  example.com  domain  is  listed,   not   subdomains
                     thereof.  Not a wildcard entry.

                     all  subdomains  of example.com are listed, but not examâ
                     ple.com itself.

                     all subdomains of example.com and example.com itself  are
                     listed.  This is a shortcut: to list a domain name itself
                     and all itâs subdomains, one may either specify two lines
                     (example.com  and  *.example.com),  or  one  line (.examâ

Instead of listing FQDN's, why not just list the TLD with a dot in front... For example,  list .mailnotice.biz instead of t.mailnotice.biz in case they change to some other letter in front of their TLD.


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