[SURBL-Discuss] packaging SpamCopURI

Robert Brooks robb at hyperlink-interactive.co.uk
Mon Apr 26 10:11:41 CEST 2004

Eric Kolve wrote:
> Okay, I see what you are saying.  Would you then end up with something like this:
>   perl-Mail-SpamAssassin-patched-2.63-1.i386.rpm
>   perl-Mail-SpamAssassin-SpamCopURI-0.14-1.i386.rpm

pretty much, I'd likely do it via a virtual package such that:

perl-Mail-SpamAssassin provides "SpamCopURI-patched"

and perl-spamassassin-SpamCopURI requires a SpamCopURI-patched version of 

Then it's just a case of beating up the various packagers to include the patch etc.



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