[SURBL-Discuss] Re: RFC: Add "$DATASET dnset @" directive to SURBL rbldnsd zone files?

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at prolocation.net
Wed Apr 28 11:07:52 CEST 2004


> > [root at vmx01 spamhaus]# more xbl-extras
> > $SOA 3600 need.to.know.only. hostmaster.spamhaus.org. 0 1h 10m 5d 1200
> > x.ns.spamhaus.org y.ns.spamhaus.org z.ns.spamhaus.org
> > $NS 86400 c.ns.spamhaus.org
> ...
> > $NS 86400 y.ns.spamhaus.org
> > $NS 86400 z.ns.spamhaus.org
> (Any ideas why they list c through z twice?)

If i am right the old format only supported one NS at a line.
But in new rbldnsd ones thats not needed anymore.

> > They are not needed for rbldnsd to function however.
> Hmm, that's pretty much what Mark Reynolds was asking for
> earlier:  rbldnsd headers and domains supplied separately.
> Should we perhaps offer them separately also, in addition
> to the existing complete rbldnsd zone files?

Wont harm.

> I suppose our "extras" could include the testpoints and @
> record, as in (basically the top of the file but not the
> spam domains):

I would leave those in the zonefile itself, the extra is 'unneeded' data 
like NS sets. 

> 6.surbl.org ns7.surbl.org ns8.surbl.org ns9.surbl.org ns10.surbl.org ns11.surbl.
> org ns12.surbl.org ns13.surbl.org ns14.surbl.org
> : body contains SpamCop spamvertised domain.
> @
> test.surbl.org  :2:sc.surbl.org permanent test point
> test.sc.surbl.org       :2:sc.surbl.org permanent test point
> surbl-org-permanent-test-point.com      :2:sc.surbl.org permanent test point
>       :2:sc.surbl.org permanent test point
> We could name such new files with something like:
>   sc.surbl.org.headers.rbldnsd
>   sc.surbl.org.domains.rbldnsd

Please dont change the curent names, only add .extra for the new one.


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