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Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Fri Apr 30 11:09:48 CEST 2004

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Doc Schneider writes:
>I am on my days off and hope to get some type of stats gathering ditty 
>going. But not sure what stats folks want to see. I had some 
>conversations with Chris "The Big Evil One" and he had some ideas.
>Am just not sure what direction to pursue.
>I did join the dev list for SA and sort of got talked into checking the 
>docs for SA 3.0 which I'm slowly working on. Just checking them for 
>proper API coverage in the different modules it is using.
>So my question to you folks is what sort of statistics would you like to 
>see? Number of rules hit, even if a ham (I always get hungry when 
>talking about ham and spam but I digress) or just total number and the 
>actual rules that are being hit for all spam? And isn't there something 
>already in SA that does these rules and hits? corporra(sic and too lazy 
>to look).

Hi Doc -- cc'ing sa-dev, since it's really an SpamAssassin thing
rather than a SURBL thing ;)

I'm not sure if you mean measuring rule accuracy in advance to pick good
scores, or reporting stats after the fact for sysadmins.

For the first one, read:


For the second:

We recently added some additional stats output to spamd in SpamAssassin
3.0.0.  This should improve the accessibility of info about rules
being used during scanning for tools to summarise.

- --j.
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