[SURBL-Discuss] This ROCKS!

Daniel Quinlan quinlan at pathname.com
Fri Apr 30 19:13:02 CEST 2004

Chris Santerre <csanterre at MerchantsOverseas.com> writes:

> Hey there guys! This was the crazy idea I was discussing with Doc. I wished
> for a realtime form of DB or flat file to be updated continuously on rule
> hits. No grepping thru logs or anything. Simply when an email is sent thru
> SA, whatever rules hit, increase a counter in a db or flat file for that
> rule. Seperate db or flat file for ham and spam. This gives live stats on a
> system. No grep'n going on. Just a counter per rule.

That might give you a good hit rate, but it won't give you an accurate
S/O number.
> This is to be used on some advanced rule writing we want to work on. It also
> alows an admin to see what might not be worth keeping around. Allowing them
> to remove poor performers and increase system speed. 

Sort of like http://www.pathname.com/~corpus/DETAILS.new ?

The corpora have to be sorted by humans to be accurate and runs need to
be synchronized so everyone tests the same rules so runs only happen
once a day, which is fast enough.

We've been doing this for well over a year and it works great.  If only
we had more active developers working on rules...


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