[SURBL-Discuss] UGH.. More false positives

Matt mhoppes at gmail.com
Tue Dec 7 18:53:47 CET 2004

I've got some more false positives.. this one appears to be my.yahoo.com !!!

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Mark Roberts <maxmedianews at yahoo.com>
Tue, 7 Dec 2004 02:48:31 -0800 (PST)
WGRC <news at wgrc.com>





(Northumberland County)---A car and an oil-delivery truck crashed
head-on yesterday afternoon in Northumberland County, killing a young
Luzerne County woman. Northumberland County Coroner James Kelley
identified the victim as 22-year-old Ann Marie Piasecki of Wilkes
Barre. Route 487 was closed after the truck and car crashed about 1:30
p-m near the Fleetwood Motor Homes plant near Elysburg.  A passenger
in Piasecki's car was flown to Geisinger.  Police continue to
investigate yesterday's fatal Northumberland County Crash.


(Montour County)---Plea negotiations are under way in the case of an
Amish farmer accused of sexually assaulting several young girls at or
around his farm in northern Montour County.  The press enterprise says
47 year old Eli Hostetler, of Anthony Township, was granted a trial
continuance at the request of defense attorney. Hostetler faces a host
of charges including rape, corruption and child endangerment filed by
state police at Milton. Some of the allegations made against him date
back more than 11 years.


(State)---When the Electoral College meets next week, 21 of
Pennsylvania's staunchest Democrats will cast their electoral votes
for defeated presidential nominee John Kerry. The state's electors
will gather in the state House chamber December 13th, the day the 538
members of the Electoral College nationally cast ballots confirming
President Bush's victory.


(Drugs)---New research suggests that top-selling pain reliever
Celebrex does not carry the same heart attack risk as Vioxx, a similar
drug pulled from the market in September because of safety concerns. A
study by University of Pennsylvania researchers is the first to
compare the two arthritis drugs since the recall.


(Columbia County)--- The new owner of the Columbia Mall in Buckhorn is
promising more stores and a movie theater. Bayview Financial of
Florida will take over the mall next month from Columbia Mall
Associates. The current owners say the mall has lost nearly 20 (m)
million dollars in value since 1995.


(Luzerne County)--- The city of Wilkes-Barre has agreed to pay
225-thousand dollars for a former bank building in a prominent
downtown location. The building that once housed the First National
Bank has been vacant since the flood of 1972. City Leaders are looking
at the idea of restoring it.


(Northumberland County)---Three people were injured after a crash
yesterday morning at route 54 and 44 in the boro of Turbotville,
Northumberland County.  State Troopers say the crash occurred as 77
year old Annabelle Temple of Milton was attempting to cross 54 when
she pulled into the path of 67 year old Sylvia Lawrence of Riverside. 
Both Lawrence and Temple were transported to Geisinger for treatment. 
A 2 year old passenger with Temple also suffered minor injuries and
was taken to the Evangelical Hospital for treatment after yesterday's
crash in Northumberland County.


 (Perry County)---State Troopers are looking into a Burglary which
occurred sometime yesterday afternoon at the Millerstown Town Moose in
Greenwood Township, Perry County.  Officers explain, suspects entered
the building and removed an undetermined amount of money, before
fleeing thru a side door.  Anyone with information into that robbery
yesterday afternoon at the Millerstown moose should contact


(Flu)---More flu vaccine is on the way. The government plans today to
announce the purchase some of the five million doses available from
plants in Canada and Germany. The Food and Drug Administration has
signed off on the safety of a portion of the supply after doing
inspections and tests.


(Pearl Harbor)---Today marks the 63rd anniversary of the attack on
Pearl Harbor. Survivors are returning to the Hawaii site to honor the
more than two-thousand soldiers who died in the Japanese surprise


(Bloomsburg)--- Bloomsburg has plans to draw up a budget for next year
that would reduce property taxes by almost 6.7 percent, but would hike
a tax on in-town workers from $10 to more than $35.  Today's press
enterprise reports the idea was brought up at a workshop meeting last
night.  The state Legislature recently passed a law allowing
municipalities to raise the old occupational assessment tax from $10
up to $52. Bloomsburg Councilmen entered the night looking at a
roughly $309,000 budget deficit for next year.


(Montour County)---Montour County might lay off a few employees and
raise taxes next year to balance its 2005 budget.  According to the
press enterprise, Montour County is allowed to raise property taxes by
only 10 percent, which would mean about $20 more in property tax for
the typical resident. Commissioners would not reveal any specific
figures from the 2005 budget. They said they will release the
tentative budget and new tax rates at their meeting on Thursday.

(Dog License)---Don't forget to get lucky or rover his tags….2005 dog
licenses go on sale this week. Licenses are required for all dogs more
than three months old. If the animal is spayed or neutered, the
license is $6. If they are not, the license is $8.  In 2004, county
treasurers and state agents sold licenses for more than 900,000 dogs.

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