[SURBL-Discuss] UGH.. More false positives

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at prolocation.net
Wed Dec 8 10:33:18 CET 2004


> To be honest it was anything on our whitelists that were
> also on sc or any other lists.  It started from about 02:30
> pacific time until I fixed it around 05:30.  Here are logs
> for yahoo and hotmail:
> top-sites-domains.new.log:2004-12-07 10:28 yahoo.com
> top-sites-domains.new.log:2004-12-07 13:22 yahoo.com
> top-sites-domains.new.log:2004-12-07 10:28 hotmail.com
> top-sites-domains.new.log:2004-12-07 13:22 hotmail.com

To be clear, this affected the -global- whitelist. Most of the sublists 
also have seperate whitelists, those were not effected, so a lot was 
filtered on the submission end anyway.


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