[SURBL-Discuss] Feature Request: Whitelist_DNSRBL

Rob McEwen (PowerView Systems) rob at powerviewsystems.com
Wed Dec 8 16:16:41 CET 2004

Speaking of whitelisting, I'm using a caching dns server on my box which is based on BINDS.

I currently use the following syntax in the names.config files to manually whitelist:

zone "yahoo.com.multi.surbl.org" in {
        type master;

This **works** and causes the DNS caching server to return a "not found" WITHOUT having to ever check external DNS servers to resolve this. Also, the return times are lightening fast (<4ms).

However, I'm still getting some kind of weird system errors logged in my "Events" log related to this process. Basically, I think I goofed up the syntax or I am missing some information here.

Does anyone here happen to be familar with BIND and have any suggestions as to the correct syntax? What **should** my example from above look like?


Rob McEwen

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