[SURBL-Discuss] SpamAssassin Discussion LIst

Rob McEwen rob at powerviewsystems.com
Thu Dec 9 05:52:03 CET 2004

Even thought I don't use SpamAssassin, from time to time, I desire to
discuss and even contribute ideas related to developing or enhancing rules
base filtering. Like SpamAssassin, the mail filter I use is capable of using
Regular Expressions in a way that is similar to SpamAssassin. When I get the
urge to post questions and suggestions, I keep thinking that the SURBL list
is not the best targeted forum for this topic and I should probably join the
SpamAssassin discussion group to discuss this topic. However, after
searching, I now see that there is more than one list for SpamAssassin.

Therefore, does anyone know **which** SpamAssassin list I should join (and
where to subscribe) if I'm interested in rules development?


Rob McEwen

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