[SURBL-Discuss] uptilt.com and their customers probably not s pammers

Chris Santerre csanterre at merchantsoverseas.com
Thu Jul 1 10:50:04 CEST 2004

They got on my list due to the tonyrobbins.com incedent.


I that case I believe a "marketing company" was hired, who spammed for

They are at least off-white in my mind. 


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>I made a list of some of uptilt.com (emaillabs.com) customers':
>  http://www.emaillabs.com/clientlist.html
>likely domains:
>  http://spamcheck.freeapp.net/whitelists/uptilt
>and checked those domains against all existing SURBLs.
>The only matches were:
>  uptilt.com
>on ws.surbl.org, due to Chris' earlier manual listing, and:
>  digitalimpact.com
>  uptilt.com
>  wordbiz.com
>on ds.surbl.org (6dos) which is a pretty low hit rate for
>nearly a hundred domains against a fairly aggressive list
>*if uptilt.com were a spamhaus*.  It's not totally conclusive,
>but the relative lack of inclusion across multiple SURBL
>data sources leads me to think that uptilt.com is probably
>not a spamhaus.  Therefore I've used that list of uptilt.com
>domains and customer domains as a whitelist.  That means they
>will not be included in SURBLs.
>Jeff C.
>Jeff Chan
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