[SURBL-Discuss] FP for images.meredith.com in ws.surbl.org ?

David B Funk dbfunk at engineering.uiowa.edu
Wed Jul 7 18:04:59 CEST 2004

My boss subscribes to the "WOOD ONLINE" woodworking newsletter
<newsletter at email.woodmall.com>, which is published by
Meredith Corporation.

It contains references to images from http://images.meredith.com
which trigger hits from ws.surbl.org and BigEvil.cf
(it survived the single hit from BigEvil but when I deployed
SURBL it got taken down, then the boss was asking why his
newsletter was landing in his spam-basket ;).

Now that I know about it, I've whitelisted the newsletter but not
sure what else might be hit.
Is images.meredith.com truely evil or a FP?
(I can supply a copy of the newsletter if anybody wants to see it).


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