[SURBL-Discuss] Another list to test: ab.surbl.org

Joseph Burford joseph at vintek.net
Thu Jul 8 15:45:52 CEST 2004

Hi Chris,

> Joseph, I'm running sa-stats which only pulls out the 
> numbers, what do you use to parse out the info you posted?

On my test box I'm running MailScanner + SpamAssassin and a utility for
MailScanner called MailWatch. Essentially this throws all the data from
each message into a MySQL database and provides a php frontend.

I've just made up a few php scripts to create summaries by pulling
relevant log details from the MySQL db.

Looking at the SURBL stats, the messages that are in the end marked HAM
are borderline. Some of them are postmaster bounces or postmaster
messages from other servers I maintain, others are questionable mailing
lists or even spam sent via yahoo groups.

>From my look into the "false positives" of the SURBL lists there's
hardly a message that wouldn't be missed if it hit the bit bucket.



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