[SURBL-Discuss] Hand classification / Scripted submission

Ryan Thompson surbl at sasknow.com
Fri Jul 9 15:17:32 CEST 2004

Chris Santerre wrote to 'SURBL Discussion list':

> > am I going to hear screams from someone if I script this
> I will shoot you! :)

:-) Good thing I asked. (And good thing I don't post my home address
in my .signature).

> >2) Is there already a more efficient way to submit URIs? (Besides
> >   running my own list, which, I guess, isn't too unreasonable :-)
> Yes. I'm going to email you off list.
> >3) Is there any advantage to submitting the same URI more than once
> >   (i.e., from different spam messages?) It seems like the answer is
> >   probably "no", but I'll gladly accept enlightenment.
> See my answer to #1. ;)

:-) So noted, for WS. I've already had responses from other SURBLs that
are actually ranking by frequency of submissions, and encouraging
multiple submissions of the same URI if it appears in multiple spams.

> >4) Should I be submitting to multiple SURBLs, or just stick with
> >   ws.surbl.org?
> most people are running [SC] and [WS] so [WS] is fine.


> SURBL is the sexiest thing since.....well....me!  :P

Uhh... I'm not going to comment on that. For many reasons. :-)

> >Now I want to give something back.
> I keep getting this and I use the standard reply of: "I'll take 1
> Dodge Hennessy Venom 800TT."
> Still no takers :)

Well, I had one last week, but it was silver and had little plastic
ninjas stuck all over it, and a personalized plate of "SPAMD", so I
put it on an auction on Monday. If I would have known sooner...

- Ryan

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