[SURBL-Discuss] Re: Using (SU)RBL with a browser, any way to do it? (was <snip> )

Nicolas Riendeau knightr at istop.com
Tue Jul 13 01:20:30 CEST 2004

Chris Santerre wrote:

> Or one could take the sa-blacklist file and turn it into a quick hosts file.
> I have a host file on the server that is copied to everyones machine
> everytime they log in. Full of spyware domains that simply point to
> and It is easy for me to change. 
> However squid also rocks. I have had a test server running for 1.5 years. I
> haven't had time to tweak it yet to go production yet. 

Hi Chris!

I *assume* (I know what happens when you assume... (-; ) that the host file is
not loaded in memory and is processed sequentially so wouldn't having a big host
file make its parsing be very very slow?

That's an assumption though...

Have a nice day!


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