[SURBL-Discuss] Jeff's whitelists

William Stearns wstearns at pobox.com
Wed Jul 14 20:37:23 CEST 2004

Good evening, Jeff,
	I wanted to check in with you about some domains removed because
of your whitelists.  There are a few in particular I wanted to cover.

	gevalia.com and joingevalia.com: gevalia does a _lot_ of spam.
	nutrisystem.com: again, a lot of recent spam, just done with a 
bulk marketing firm as a front.
	spamarrest.com: spammers themselves

	Any sense on the above?
	- Bill

	"Hackers do not feel that leisure time is automatically any more
meaningful than work time. The desirability of both depends on how they
are realized.  From the point of a view of a meaningful life, the entire
work/leisure duality must be abandoned.  As long as we are living our
work or our leisure, we are not even truly living.  Meaning cannot be
found in work or leisure but has to arise out of the nature of the
activity itself.  Out of passion.  Social value.  Creativity."
        -- Andrew Leonard <aleonard at salon.com>
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