[SURBL-Discuss] Re: Using (SU)RBL with a browser, any way to do it? (was <snip> )

Nicolas Riendeau knightr at istop.com
Wed Jul 14 23:42:24 CEST 2004

Hi Chris!

>>I *assume* (I know what happens when you assume... (-; ) that 
>>the host file is
>>not loaded in memory and is processed sequentially so wouldn't 
>>having a big host
>>file make its parsing be very very slow?
>>That's an assumption though...
> Somewhat, but not too bad. Some people have had web completely turned off
> for failing to listen to me. 2 whole deparments have no web access now.
> Muahahahhahaha....I'm drunk with power!

bofh? (-;

> But yeah, I guess if you had 35k listings in host file it could be pretty
> slow :) Another reason to use squid. 

It would be nice if squid could use (SU)RBL though... (-;

Have a nice day!


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