[SURBL-Discuss] SBL with message body URIs

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at prolocation.net
Sun Jul 18 23:14:55 CEST 2004


> >sbl is not really intended to be used with message body URI
> >checkers like SpamCopURI or urirhsbl, but it may get a few
> >hits since I think Spamhaus may include a few spam URI domains
> >in SBL.  But the results will probably not be too useful or
> >productive, since it's not an intended use of sbl.spamhaus.org.
> Actually, having done some tests using uridnsbl under SA 3 as well as 
> manual checks, I would say that SBL is an excellent tool for catching spam 
> domains in message body URIs.
> I don't think everyone is aware of what uridnsbl, as an alternative to 
> urirhsbl/urirhssub, actually does, so I'll try to explain it.
> First - SBL does not just list IPs used by known spammers to relay mail. It 
> lists any ips used by known spammers, for whatever purpose. That includes 
> web sites as well as, and most importantly, dns servers.
> I picked the 10 most recently reported domains to the SC blocklist and 
> manually checked what dns servers they used, and if the IPs for those dns 
> servers where already listed in SBL.
> For 9 out of 10, they where.
> Data included below.

But those are also in SURBL, except one, but that one isnt active anymore. 
So for me, i would save the resolving and use SURBL for now :) Its however 
a nice addon to what SURBL does, it goes 2 steps further, but it also more 
expensive on busy servers to do many more lookups and resolving.... 
instead of resolving on a fast RBL server you can encounter relatively 
slow span DNS servers, and it will delay your mailflow... 


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