[SURBL-Discuss] WS FP? yourdomain-MUNGED.com

Chris Santerre csanterre at merchantsoverseas.com
Tue Jul 20 15:21:11 CEST 2004

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>From: Ryan Thompson [mailto:surbl at sasknow.com]
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>Subject: [SURBL-Discuss] WS FP? yourdomain-MUNGED.com
>So, I'm a filthy spammer, I guess. I just sent out a mass 
>email like so:
>>    2. At the opening page, enter either your email address (for
>>       example, info at yourdomain-MUNGED.com), or your username (for
>>       example, yd-info).
>I was a little surprised to see yourdomain.com come back with hits on
>WS. Maybe I'll have to start using
>"info at yourdomainthatnobodywilleverlistinsurbl.org", but that's a bugger
>to word-wrap. :-)
>Seriously, what's the deal? Is yourdomain.com really a spamvertized
>site, or is it just an innocent victim? A quick grep of 
>had this hit on 0s/6h. (And only one of them was me :-)
>- Ryan

Quite curious. These show up in the 6dos misc.c file:

But no tmuch other then munged listings in NANAS. I think these should be


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