[SURBL-Discuss] RE: 6dos data into ds.surbl.org

Joseph Burford joseph at vintek.net
Wed Jul 21 10:29:43 CEST 2004

> Yikes!  I'd say 4 to 5 percent FPs is unworkable for a SURBL....

I should have clarified that.

The 4 to 5 percent on close examination is always email that is
borderline IMHO. It just didn't end up being tagged as spam in the end.
Compared with a .1 to .5 percent FP on the other surbl lists it still
isn't that great.

As for being unworkable it depends on your setup. I was tagging DS with
a low score, one of the great things with SpamAssassin is that you have
things like Bayes to combat FPs and the end result is the ham gets
through :)



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