[SURBL-Discuss] TTL/turnaround times for SURBL

Rob McEwen webmaster at turnaprofit.com
Tue Jul 27 11:29:24 CEST 2004

RE: TTL/turnaround times for SURBL

This discussion seems to have gotten drowned
out by other recent discussions. I'd like to
see where this stands at this point.

In particular, Jeff noted that Outblaze updates
their data very fast in response to fast analysis
of their spam-trap data. But the OutBlaze feed
at SURBL get updated every six hours? Doesn't
that defeat the purpose. Would it be possible to
speed up the ob.surbl.org refresh so that
we can reap more benefits from their quick

Also, it was mentioned that the sc.surbl.org
data updates every ten minutes? Is there
really substantial new or different data in
this feed to justify this? (in other words, is
there a system where very, very new
data causes quick updates to sc.surbl.org)

Finally, has any progress been made
speeding up the refresh times for

Rob McEwen

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