[SURBL-Discuss] URGENT --- com listed at sc and multi

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Wed Jul 28 06:57:39 CEST 2004

On Wednesday, July 28, 2004, 5:52:48 AM, Jose Cruz wrote:
> Jeff Chan wrote:
>> On Wednesday, July 28, 2004, 4:21:44 AM, Jose Cruz wrote:
> ...
>> Thanks for the heads up.  I've whitelisted all gtlds.
>> Will look into how this happened later.

> Can you have a list of all gtlds under your hands ? I'll do the
> same.

Yes, here is the sed expression


and the gtlds from it:


> So far, I'm checking again my code to be able to to DNS queries.
> It's OK, but I need some check before tell people to use it.

> I hope I'll announce it till the end of the week.

> Best,

> Jose-Marcio

Jeff C.

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