[SURBL-Discuss] Phone Number Spam

Matt Yackley sare at yackley.org
Wed Jul 28 13:44:25 CEST 2004

Rob McEwen said:
> Bret:
> That is exactly what I'm talking about. Only, that list seems small and I wonder if
> there is a good system in place to submit phone numbers and to get these spam phone
> #s listed within hours instead of days. Also, is there another similar list
> somewhere else?
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> rob at pvsys.com
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Hi Rob,
Yep, the list is kinda small, but then again there are fewer phone numbers used in
spam than there are URLs.  :)

You can submit numbers to me if you would like, just send an email with text from
the spam messages containing the numbers, slap a subject line on it like EN Update
or something like that.  Yes, the issue is that an update will most likely take a
day or two, but I don't have the time to make hourly updates. :(

Lately, updates to the ruleset have been a bit slow, due to lack of time for me to
search through spam and lack of user submissions.

I don't know of any similar lists out there right now.

Anyway, getting a bit off topic for SURBL, so I'll going to go back to lurking!


Anti-"High Volume Email Deployment" Specialist

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