[SURBL-Discuss] Please beta test ms.surbl.org - data from MailSecurity

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Fri Jul 30 01:32:08 CEST 2004

On Friday, July 30, 2004, 12:05:52 AM, Raymond Dijkxhoorn wrote:
>> This released list has been developed from actual spam recieved since
>> the SURBL effort started.  I don't doubt there are a lot of double ups
>> with ws.surbl.org however.
>> > As a seperate list i would so far say, uhm, not really worth the efford,
>> > as a extra list of domains for WS, i think its worth it.
>> Sure - kinda what I was originally intending anyway :)

> Sounds like a plan! :)

>> The list is developed from messages which slip through existing
>> SURBL's and other custom SA rulesets - addmittedly less and less are
>> getting through, but we do keep on top of it.  It is current, but may
>> also be a different sampling of messages to those you see.
>> Expiry of listings is something we're still working on, but are a
>> little loathe to do because we've recently noticed a spate of
>> "recycled" domain names.

> Ok, great. It would be a nice addition to WS i think... Anyone ?

Sounds good to me.  Anyone else?

If so, Chris please consider pulling these into WS.

Jeff C.

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