[SURBL-Discuss] rbldnsd is not responding

Ricardo ricspam at mpc.com.br
Wed Jun 2 14:00:52 CEST 2004

Dear list,


We are trying to setup a local rbldnsd with rsynced data to answer the 
DNS queries, but the rbldnsd is not responding.

I started it manually with this command:

% /usr/local/sbin/rbldnsd -u rbldns -b -w 
/usr/local/etc/rbldnsd sc.surbl.org:dnset:sc.surbl.org.rbldnsd 

It started with no errors, and with an expected output (as seen on 

rbldnsd: listening on
rbldnsd: dnset:sc.surbl.org.rbldnsd: 20040602 131207: e/w=504/0
rbldnsd: dnset:ws.surbl.org.rbldnsd: 20040602 131208: e/w=12297/0
rbldnsd: zones reloaded, time 0.2e/0.0u sec
rbldnsd: rbldnsd version 0.992 (7 Mar 2004) started (1 socket(s), 2 zone(s))

If I test our cached DNS system:

% nslookup adulteroticfiction-MUNGED.com.sc.surbl.org
*** Can't find server name for address Query refused
*** Default servers are not available

If I use the default DNS, of course it works:

% nslookup adulteroticfiction-MUNGED.com.sc.surbl.org
Server:  server4.mpc.com.br

Name:    adulteroticfiction-MUNGED.com.sc.surbl.org

There's no other DNS on the machine, nor errors on /var/log/messages.

I also tried to use the FreeBSD version of the startup script.

This are the versions of the softwares:

- FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE-p3
- rbl dns daemon version 0.992 (7 Mar 2004)

Any hints to solve this will be greatly appreciated!


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