[SURBL-Discuss] Re: URI with one slash not recognised by SA/SPAMCOP_URI?

Menno van Bennekom mvbengro at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 9 11:36:16 CEST 2004

> From: "Menno van Bennekom"
>> But http://www.rulesemporium.com/cgi-bin/uribl.cgi says that
>> woodwheel.info is listed in sc.surbl.org...
>> Strange thing. But I'm relieved that uri's with one slash are checked by
>> Spamcopuri so what's left is BIZ_TLD (and INFO_TLD), the standard
>> regexpression doesn't recognise the one slash.
>> If I see more of those uri's I will change that regexp.
>> Regards
>> Menno
> Indeed, if I do a command line lookup, I find an A record
> for it:
> dig +short woodwheel.info.sc.surbl.org
> what does this return for you?
> If it's working now, it could be just a zonefile
> propagation delay to the secondary name
> servers. (There is still one secondary ns14.surbl.org
> which does not have the record at the time of writing).
> Are you normally getting spam hits from surbl?
> what does this return (removing MUNGED first):
> dig surbl-org-permanent-test-pointMUNGED.com.sc.surbl.org
> Are you running a local copy of surbld data or using the public
> name servers?
> John

I use the public name servers, and the SpamCopURI is working fine, lots of
SPAMCOP_URI hits on other spam-mails.
The woodwheel-surbl is not found in the DNS of my provider (xs4all) but
other domains are found, and I tried another providers DNS and that one
did find the woodwheel-surbl. So it seems there is something not up to
date in the DNS of my provider..
dig @ +short woodwheel.info.sc.surbl.org
dig @ +short watchsound.com.sc.surbl.org
dig @ +short surbl-org-permanent-test-point.com.sc.surbl.org
Other provider:
dig @  +short woodwheel.info.sc.surbl.org


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