[SURBL-Discuss] Re: Which rules are replaces by *.surbl.org?

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at prolocation.net
Tue Jun 15 03:06:10 CEST 2004


> > I dont see the problem listsing them inside a SURBL. The extra few kb it 
> > will take on the nameservers ? For me i would like to put the preassure on 
> > DNS, not on every single box that has to do expression lookups, those will 
> > cost a lot more CPU... Most of the times its not the nameservers that cant 
> > keep up, but the mailboxes... 

> ws.surbl.org will continue to get all the domains that are
> practical to enumerate from sa-blacklist, BigEvil.cf, MidEvil.cf,
> etc.  We don't be getting heavily wildcarded ones or ones with
> regular expression ranges, etc, into SURBLs since BIND and
> rbldnsd would not know how to handle them.
> Something like *spammer.biz would be impossible to enumerate,
> for example, whereas spammer[0-2].biz can be successfully
> enumerated and would be included in ws.surbl.org as spammer0.biz,
> spammer1.biz, spammer2.biz .

Wonder if i would like to run that anyway, *spammer.biz, then i would also 
block antispammer.biz. =)

> We're still waiting to hear back from people about the
> performance, especially a false positive rate from ob.surbl.org
> before announcing or distributing them.  And multi.surbl.org
> presumably doesn't have code that can use it yet.  Those are the
> only new lists needing some feedback/coding.

If i have some more time the next days i can have a look also.


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