[SURBL-Discuss] proxypots

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at prolocation.net
Wed Jun 16 21:45:03 CEST 2004

Hi Justin,

> All of those are "www.{RANDOMWORD}.{com|net|org}".   Eventually there's
> one real link, which *is* SURBL-listed.  These are chaff.
> Now, SORBS for one seems to be listing some of these sites; presumably
> because they have a spamtrap-driven feed without enough human moderation.
> That's the danger here.
> (btw, there's arguments to be made that a better selection mechanism
> can "weed those out", but that needs to be careful too.
> - - Ignore .org/.net/.com?  spammer will use .biz, .info, and ccTLDs.
> - - Ignore 0-length links (<a href=...></a>)?  spammer will change
>   to use <a href=...>{RANDOMWORD}</a>.
> - - Ignore "dictionary words" somehow?  spammer will use random URLs
>   from google, so "real" sites.
> so I don't think those approaches have much merit alone.)

Its 'just' a extra source, ... on mu pot i found a couple domains that 
were indeed spammer domains but not listed yet. It involves some manual 
action but i think its nice additions.


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