[SURBL-Discuss] proxypots

Patrik Nilsson patrik at patrik.com
Thu Jun 17 01:15:58 CEST 2004

At 22:45 2004-06-16 +0200, Jose Marcio Martins da Cruz wrote:
> > On Wednesday, June 16, 2004, 11:39:26 AM, Justin Mason wrote:
> > >> - - Ignore .org/.net/.com?  spammer will use .biz, .info, and ccTLDs.
> > >> - - Ignore 0-length links (<a href=...></a>)?  spammer will change
> > >>   to use <a href=...>{RANDOMWORD}</a>.
>No ! O-length links are invisible. RANDOMWORDs or anything with length
>greater than 0 are visible !

The spammers have already started using one-char "words" as a way to get 
around checks for 0-length links and still keep the links relatively 

I wouldn't be surprised if some of them start using style sheets to hide 
certain links in html-mail next, so I wouldn't count on them not using 
something like <a href=... class="my_bgcolored_A">{RANDOMWORD}</a> in the 


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