[SURBL-Discuss] two-level-tlds

Mariano Absatz surbl at lists.com.ar
Fri Jun 18 13:08:32 CEST 2004

El 18 Jun 2004 a las 16:39, Bjorn Jensen escribió:
> What about private companies that also sell two-level tld's ?
> In Denmark the national registrar only registers .dk addresses, but a 
> private company has bought co.dk and are now acting as a registrar for 
> that "tld", so anyone can buy a co.dk domain. Should those be added to 
> the list as well ?

In Argentina domain names are not sold yet... they're delegated by the NIC 
(currently within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) following a set of rules.

In short, any person or company, local or foreign, can ask and get a .com.ar 
domain provided it hasn't been reserved yet.

To get a .net.ar you must be a locally registered ISP (on the equivalent of 
the FCC).

To get a .org.ar you must be a locally incorporated non-profit organization.

To get a .gov.ar you must be a National, Provincial or local government 
office or agency.

To get a .edu.ar you must be a locally recognized high-level educational 
institution or research group.

To get a .esc.edu.ar you must be a locally recognized school... I think now, 
if you're a school you can also get a direct .edu.ar, but I'm not sure.

To get a .mil.ar you must be a part of the National Armed Forces.

Theoretically, domain names must be renewed annually and, at some point, 
there may be charges for this... but, as of now, if you register a domain 
name, it's yours free for a nondetermined amount of time.

Eventually, this might change, and there could be direct .ar registrations.

Currently, beside this few second-level-domains, there are a few direct .ar 
domains (uba.ar, the largest University and educ.ar, a national effort to 
introduce ITCs in education, are the 2 I recall now).


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