[SURBL-Discuss] Hello

Doc Schneider maddoc at maddoc.net
Fri Jun 25 11:17:54 CEST 2004

Chris Santerre wrote:

> Oh yeah, we are picking up steam everyday. This started with just 3-4 guys,
> and had no really great way to submit. We got the basics worked out now, and
> a few more submitters and lots of sources of domains. So actually we are
> jamming. And we make sure quality comes first over quantity. We HATE false
> positives here. They make me breakout in hives ;)

FPs are never a good thing. But I do hear they have a pill that cures 
those hives! Something called TMNT (Teenage Mutant NINJA Turtles) HAR!

And I've got a boatload and a half of more domains to add to things! Woohoo!

-Doc (D-Ninja)

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