Pruning dead domains (Was: Re: [SURBL-Discuss] Please test: - Outblaze spamvertised sites)

Jeff Chan jeffc at
Fri Jun 25 16:32:09 CEST 2004

On Friday, June 25, 2004, 7:48:27 AM, William Stearns wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Jun 2004, Jeff Chan wrote:

>> This list has about 40k domains on it.  We still looking for ways
>> to prune it down, for example by expiring domains that no longer
>> resolve.   If someone had a reliable master list of expired
>> domains, that could be very helpful.

>         I have a list of dead domains on the sa-blacklist processing
> system.  Those are domains that were once on sa-blacklist, but removed
> because they either expired or were disabled by their registrar.
>         I have a static version of the directory listing and will send
> that in a separate email to Jeff and Yusuf.

I have removed Bill's list of dead domains from all SURBLs.  That
should reduce all lists in size somewhat.  Thanks much for
sharing this resource Bill.

Jeff C.

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